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Shane Nixon

Shane Nixon came to DACI in the spring of 2022. Nixon brings extensive experience in non-profit leadership and faith-based organizations to his role at DACI. A storyteller at heart, Nixon was a perfect fit for where DACI was and what it needed at that time. DACI needed its story told, and Nixon has been busy telling it almost since day one. Nixon has a strong desire to always “leave things better” in all he does. When not doing DACI work, Nixon loves to be outside. He is a high school tennis coach and loves being on the court with his guys. Hiking, kayaking, and just being in nature are among his other favorite things. He also loves spending time with his adult children and watching his wife, an artist, create! Really want to get to know Shane? Ask him if you can borrow a cutting board!

What is Shane . . .

Shane’s favorite . . . 

  • Grilling = Turkey  

  • Watching = Chloe on Prime

  • Looking for= A new hobby

  • Seeing on the horizon = Holidays!

  • Color = Orange (ask him why he wears it every Wednesday!)

  • Vegetable = Black Eyed Peas

  • Board Game = Balderdash

  • Candy Bar = Butterfinger

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