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DACI wants you to . . . BE PROM SAFE!

In case you live under a rock, it is PROM SEASON!  

Like most of the seasons of our lives this one comes with many joys and MANY stresses.  From beautiful pictures and the making of memories on the joy side, to scrambling for the perfect outfit and keeping everyone included in the group on the stress side, Prom Season comes with enough of the good and the bad to keep parents and students alike on edge!  

Anytime there is "the good and the bad" there is likely also the ugly . . . and Prom Season is no different.  

One ugly part of Prom Season is the idea of trying some (maybe new maybe not) things "just this once."  And here, by some things we mean drugs, alcohol or other potentially harmful substances!  American Addicition Centers recently ran an article on its website that stated

A study by AAA surveyed teens aged 16-19 and found that 31% of teens reported it was likely that they or their friends would use drugs or alcohol during prom season. Approximately 53% of teens who admitted to drinking during or after the prom said they consumed four or more alcoholic beverages, and some get behind the wheel.

As scary as that sounds, it isn't even the ugly part!  With the proliferation of powerful synthetic "additions" to rather common substances (think fentanyl, among others) "one try" of a something on prom night or any other time, can be more than enough to be not just ugly, but fatal.

DACI wants your family to BE PROM SAFE!  To help with that, we are offering some resources:

  • Download the "Top Ten Ways" to BE PROM SAFE flyer from DACI and put it to use now!  (Coming soon!)

  • Follow us on social media as, for the months of April and May we post tips on how to BE PROM SAFE!

  • Contact us and schedule a DACI speaker for your social, church, civic, or family group now or in the future!

  • Join our coalition and help with our fight to flatten the line of substance misuse in Iredell County year round!  

DACI wishes everyone a safe and happy PROM SEASON!  


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