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The statistics are overwhelming!  

The stories move our emotions, both positively and negatively!

The data begs for interpretation!   

In short, before we can “flatten the curve” of substance misuse in Iredell County, we have to be informed.

At Daci, our statistics are real and manageable.
The stories we use, tell the whole story!
DACI has the data!

If you’d like to be better informed, let us help. We can provide information for your purposes, in your manner, and through your medium. 


Make your own case about substance misuse . . . 

  • Parents talking to kids

  • Youth leaders speaking to groups

  • Educators compelling students 

  • Neighbors helping neighbors

Whomever you are, and whatever your goal, if communicating the substance misuse story in Iredell County is your goal, DACI is your partner to know!  

Contact us today to find out more!  

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