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Do you know where to dispose of no longer needed prescription drugs? Or how to do so?  

What are the legal ramifications if my unlocked medicine ends up in the wrong hands?  

What is a “social district” and what does it mean about my teen and drinking? 


The atmosphere around substance misuse is constantly changing. Staying up to speed on even just the vernacular is difficult. DACI wants to help, beyond giving you information, we want to educate you on the how’s and why’s of substance misuse.  

We have group presentations suitable for large gatherings and small get-togethers. We have printed material we can help you understand. We have a resource guide to point you in the right direction. One of our main goals is to make sure everyone in Iredell County can be educated on substance misuse.

Contact us today to find out more!  

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado



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